About Us

Our Story

RAVE Brass (Rosemount, Apple Valley, Eagan Brass) is the all-volunteer based brass ensemble of the Rosemount Community Band and was formed in 2017. The group is made up of members of the Rosemount Community Band, and the name stands for the cities in which the members live; Rosemount, Apple Valley, and Eagan. RAVE Brass performs free, live music for the communities in Rosemount and the surrounding cities in Dakota County throughout the year at both indoor and outdoor venues including senior living centers, area churches, and Dakota County Fair. In 2020, when larger bands were forced into hiatus due to the pandemic, RAVE Brass moved rehearsals outdoors and held outdoor performances throughout the summer and fall for residents of senior living centers in the Rosemount and Apple Valley area. Through these concerts, RAVE Brass strives to achieve its mission to enrich the lives of other through music and to inspire youth and adults to continue to play music throughout their lives. 

Our Members
  • Aaron Grawe
  • Charles Grawe
  • Mark Jesh
  • James McCann
  • Pam Carlson
  • Laurie Papaleo
  • Stephanie Lundquist
  • Mike Carroll
  • Tom Conway
  • Gary Moore
Tenor Sax
  • Jacob Grawe
  • Mark Enochs


  • Lynne Jesh